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Speaking Engagements

Our virtual webinars and speaking engagements at conferences have helped many achieve their project management goals. We offer a range of services tailored to individual needs, including project planning, risk management, schedule control, technology AI strategies, motivational career-focused webinars, and innovation strategies with current tech trends. Whether you're an individual or a large company, we are here to help you achieve success and leave your audience enlightened and illuminated with passion and purpose.


Aug 2023

Women of Project Management Conference 

Moderated the Tech Talk: The Future of Project Management discussing emerging trends and technologies in the project management industry. Video available to view upon request by visiting

Apr 2023

Level Up: Becoming a Doctor on Your PM Journey

Pursuing a doctoral degree in project management can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. At Edgy Opulence Lifestyle Branding Co., we understand the importance of advanced education and its potential impact on career growth and development. Listen to this webinar where I will share my experiences and insights on the doctoral journey, including the differences between DBA and PhD programs. This will be an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how a doctoral degree can strengthen your skills and expertise. Video available on

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Mar 2023

Crack the Code of Global Project Success: Conquering cost, schedule, and scope with project mastery

Guest speaker for PMI Los Angeles Chapter. Discussion topic:

While operating in increasingly interconnected economies, project managers regularly face a deluge of challenges. Project managers thrust adaptation, ingenious thinking, and imagination upon their teams with a robust project management style. Detailed research and significant discoveries will equip project managers with the capability to hone their proficiency and devise tangible, earth-shattering solutions to their far-reaching project obstacles.

Message for video of the webinar.

Mar 2023

Forging a Positive and Social Influence within the Fashion Industry

For International Women's History Month, I held a webinar discussing fashion's environmental impact and creative solutions to solve utilizing project management skills and tools. Link to watch the video is available here on YouTube.


Dec 2022

PMI Hours of Impact Interview

Project Management Institute’s Hours for Impact initiative supports the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to better people’s lives and the planet, now and in the future. In 2022, we called on our global community to pledge 125,000 hours of service to advance the SDGs. Dr. Syreeta Bond, DBA, PMP, of PMI’s Los Angeles Chapter, has championed carbon neutrality/offsetting through 200 hours’ worth of incredible work that supports SDGs 10 (Reduced Inequalities), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 13 (Climate Action).

Watch video here. Read the article here.

Nov 2022

Bringing Black Girl Magic Session

Participated in a panel discussion for the Women of Project Management Conference titled Bringing Black Girl Magic to Work. I discussed my career journey and provided inspirational messages and motivation for audience members to pursue their goals.

Please contact to review the session. 

IMG_6249 2_edited.jpg

Oct 2021

Latina Equal Pay Day Panel Discussion

Participated in discussion for DePaul University discussing Latina Equal Pay Day, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and inspirational storytelling of career journey. 

Please contact DePaul University for access to the webinar. 

Sep 2021

Taking the Leap to a Global PM Career Journey

Speaker for the Women of Project Management community discussing how to launch a global project management career, discussing my career journey while based in Dubai, UAE, and tangible steps to take the leap.

Please contact for video access. 


Apr 2019

MC for PMI UAE Khaleeji Chapter in Abu Dhabi

I’ve always been passionate about the power of words and how they can transform lives. Whether it's delivering a keynote address to a packed auditorium, or coaching an individual or team, I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others. My work is centered around helping individuals and organizations develop a growth mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs, and achieve their full potential. From top executives to students, I work with a range of clients to help them achieve greater success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.


July 2018

Fashionable Project Management Presentation

Guest speaker for Futuro Flow Design Thinking workshops based in Dubai, UAE. My discussion involved showcasing project management knowledge and skills in a fashionable way. 

Read the presentation here. 

Invite me to speak to your audience!

Edgy Opulence Lifestyle Branding Co. is a leading motivational and professional speaking company, helping individuals and organizations achieve their greatest potential through project management strategies and success tools. As a women-owned business, I am dedicated to helping women succeed in corporate environments and beyond. Global and cultural awareness are essential to success in today's economy, and I provide actionable steps towards achieving these goals. My speeches will leave your audience motivated and inspired, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

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